About Gaderinge

Gaderinge came about from a long practice I’ve had of finding beautiful photography images that were being offered for free use, and forgetting months later where I found that great image! In an effort to organize the chaos I create when I develop websites for my clients, I would create lists of great public domain image websites… only to realize later that I had created several lists on my computer in different folders. So I collected all my lists and visited each site to verify that the images really are public domain.

I’ve found that many websites are very ambiguous about the permissions and terms of use of their photos. They use the term public domain, but then they apply restrictions such as the number of photos you can download, or what you can do with the photos. That is NOT public domain! So, to cut through the confusion I created Gaderinge where I’ve researched the validity of the images’ public domain status and I put only the best public domain photos that you can really use. I gather images from websites and photographers from around the world and bring them here so you – the web designer, graphic artist, marketing expert – only need to spend minimal time searching this one website for what you need.

About Me

I am Laura Hardesty, a web designer and photographer. You can see my web designs at LAH Web Designs and my photography at Laura Hardesty.com (no you cannot use those photos). I do have some of my own photos made available in the public domain right here on Gaderinge though.

Help Support Gaderinge

I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the beautiful images I find from other generous photographers and love offering them here. This is a side project of mine and I really enjoy the feedback I get from subscribers. Your support enables me to spend more time gathering public domain images and the way you can support this site is by joining us on Google+ or Facebook, sharing us with your friends. The best way you can also help is by writing about Gaderinge on your blog or website. And if you know anything about SEO and keywords you’ll have noticed that I did not choose a website domain name that utilizes “keyword stuffing.” Our name is unique, Gaderinge (medieval word for gathering), but the product is “Public Domain Images,” so please use our product name when you write fondly of us. :-)

I would love to share your website’s blog post with my readers!